Central Coast Pit Bulls

Breeding the American Pit Bulll Terrier/ American Bully for UKC and ABKC Qualifications

Jay and Kratos

      I love my new puppy Kratos that I purchased at Central Coast Pit bulls. It was a very easy pain free experience. Steve was very knowledgeable about the breed and readily returned my phone calls if he was unable to pick up the phone. Even after I received the puppy we have kept in contact because he cares about the homes that his dogs go to and wants updates on how they are doing. I had looked at MANY other breeders that had pits but gave me that feeling that they honestly didn’t know what they were doing or what they were talking about so I steered clear of them. It is difficult to see how beautiful these dogs really are from pictures the second that I picked Kratos up from the airport I fell in love with him. He is structure perfectly; he has exactly what I was looking for a big head with a massive well built chest and a great temperament. He is extremely well behaved and is surprisingly intelligent. I would recommend my friends and family to buy from him which in my eyes is the highest compliment that anyone could ever give, thanks for everything Steve!  


Jason B. Arnold

J.J. and Slugger

     I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and patience in our purchasing Slugger. Slugger is truly a dynamic dog, which is a reflection of what you breed and sale. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Again, thank you for your honesty and breed of dog.


Joshua and Cheryl Brigman

Lauren and TY

We want to thank Steve at Central Coast Pit Bulls
for a awesome dog! Ty is a beautiful dog and is very
smart. When I picked up Ty from the airport I almost
cried, I couldn't believe how perfect he was. Steve
was very friendly and made the buying process easy,
also the quality of dog you get with Central Coast
cant be beat!!

Thanks again for a great dog. Lauren
and Michael

Moe, Osita and Chula

What can I say about Mr. V and Central Coast Pit Bulls, nothing bad that's for sure! I have had A great experience dealing with Steve at C.C.P. All our business transactions have gone very smoothly and without any problems. Steve is A great guy and pleasure to work with. Thank you Steve for the two great dogs I got from you, out of the Tyson & Skunk breeding. Chula and Osita are two of the best dogs I have ever owned. They both have great temprament, size, and bone! Steve and I have built more than just a business relationship, we have built A friendship. I recomend anyone who is serious about owning the next generation of XXXL "Pit Bulls"to go ahead and give Steve A call. He is very friendly, and knowledgeable on the breed. He is always available for questions after you have purchased A pup, not like other breeders who ignore you afterwards! 

 Thanks Again for all your help Steve,                                        



SSP's Steve , Siren and the Sarge

We cant thank Steve enough for these two beautiful animals. Sarge is a big baby with the kids and Siren will not leave our side. We are extremely please with our dealings with Steve at Central Coast Pitbulls and would highly recommend him and his animals. He has worked with us and our animals over and over again. Any time we have a question we give him a call and he is more then helpful with our questions. He really cares about his animals.

Thank you for the wonderful Companions,

The Vargas Family

Cali, Will and Nikki

 We absolutely love our puppy Cali (SkunkxVenom) from Steve at Central Coast. Before we purchased her I had many emails and phone conversations with Steve. He promptly answered any question I had about Cali. You can tell he truly cares about his dogs and is very knowledgeable. Cali absolutely loves people and gets along great with other dogs. Definetly would recommend purchasing a dog from Central Coast.


- Will & Nikki

Sieni, Chris and Heather

  Dear, Steve Vogelsang & Central Coast Pit bulls

I wanted to express my gratitude for the awesome experience of purchasing a dog from you. Anyone thinking of buying an APBT from Central Coast Pit bulls should know that Steve is willing to answer any and all of your questions. He has the experence and is extremly knowlegable about the breed and proper care for your dog. Steve spent litterally hours on the phone with me even after I had purchased my puppy. He was always willing to help me and speak with me after purchasing the puppy.  Steve is truly caring about his dogs, and we still speak frequently and he is always inquiring about how my dog is doing. Without his help and expertise I would have never been able to truly appreciate this breed.

In March of 2006 I was searching for a blue pit-bull puppy and found myself completely overwhelmed by the amount of breeders and kennels on the internet claiming their pits were the biggest and the best etc. Even when I spoke with the breeders, hardly any of them seemed knowledgeable and you could tell they were merely into breeding the dogs for the money.
Soon after, I came across Steve's website and fell in love with a female pup from the Criminal/Haze litter and looked into purchasing her. After speaking with Steve, I was confident in not only his knowledge of the breed but his experience raising and breeding pit-bulls. He was extremely helpful and friendly throughout the entire purchase process.
Now, almost two years later, Steve is still an influential part in the raising of my dog, 'Isis'. He has always made himself available from Day 1 to answer any questions I had or to talk me through the early stages of raising her, especially considering I was inexperienced in raising a dog - let alone a pit-bull.
If you are looking for a breeder who cares for his dogs and takes pride in the breed, Steve and everyone at Central Coast Pitbulls are the best choice for purchasing a puppy. They raise well-demeanored, intelligent dogs who are big in size and easy on the eyes.
Thanks Steve!!
Bill O'Donnell, Philadelphia

Ethan and Diamond

diamond1.jpg picture by ccpitbulls


Diamond is a great dog, she is atheletic and has a nice tempermant. This girl has head, bone, and chest. Not to mention the Stone x Hazul blood.  You have helped with anything i have ever needed. If any body needs a great dog, talk to steve. He is a great guy who tells it like it is and can help you with anything. Thanks Steve

Ethan Carroll

James and Harlem(AKA THUNDER DOME)

I just want to thank Steve so much for my pitbull Harlem. He is an awesome dog and is tunring into exactly
what Steve told me he would. Steve has been there for me the whole way. Any time I call he answers or
calls me back as soon as he can. He knows his stuff when it comes to the pitbull breed and also gave me
some advice that saved my dogs life. I cant thank him enough for the great pup he sold me. He has been
a great addition to my family and is great with my 2 year old daughter.
Thank you so much Steve.
                                                                                   James Plaxco

Katelyn, Jay and Cali

We just wanted to thank Steve so much for Cali. We looked at hundreds of puppies before we found her, but just couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for. We saw pictures of Cali and immediately fell in love. Steve made the process really easy. We felt very comfortable purchasing Cali from him because he really knows what he is talking about and has a true passion for pitbulls.

Cali was really cute in the pictures, but gorgeous when we picked her up from the airport. She is more amazing then we could have ever imagined. She is so smart and surprises us more and more everyday. Everywhere we go she comes with us, and there isn’t a single person that doesn’t comment how gorgeous she is. It’s a great feeling.


Thanks so much Steve!

Katelyn & Jay


Dear all,

We are a small family living in The Netherlands (Europe) and it is our honor and pleasure to introduce to you our Pride & Joy:

Mr. V’s Queen of Kings also known as “Fayah

She is out of the combination Thor x Goldie and she is Hulk’s sister (from the same litter).

First of all we would like to thank Steve Vogelsang for giving us the possibility to import and to be the owner of this wonderful loving dog.

Our experience with Steve has been very pleasant from day one. His professional approach, guidance and character for breeding this exclusive breed convinced us to buy and import a dog from Central Coast Pitbulls.

From our first contact Steve acted as a trusted advisor, which differentiates him from other Kennels. So if you are looking for an honest, trustworthy and a high esteemed kennel, please don’t look further.

Fayah has an excellent physical (XXL) appearance with typical characteristics like big head, big bone, wide chest and an overall large body in perfect proportion. Her physical appearance indicates that some of the genetic properties of King Lion and especially King Liger are passed to her.

Fayah has a superb sweet and caring character. Her interaction with other people is excellent. She adores our kids and is very protective towards them. Whenever we go for a walk she constantly keeps an eye on them.

Fayah is also great with other dogs. She has created a special bond with our female Bullmastiff “Cayenne”. Both are not separable. Fayah is very caring and also protective towards Cayenne.

Fayah attracts a lot of attention here in The Netherlands. People approach us on the street, on the beach or in the shopping malls and ask detailed questions about her and they give a lot of compliments.

But all the credit goes to Steve for this excellent result of his breeding program.

Steve, we would like to thank you for all the help, guidance and the efforts for shipping Fayah to us.

One thing for sure, you can proudly announce that Central Coast Pitbulls goes international J.

Kind regards,


Noory (www.dynamicredbulls.com)

We would like to thank Steve at Central Coast Pit Bulls for our great new member of our family! We got Smurf when he was 12 weeks old and is now 10 months old and 107 lbs. Smurf is an amazing animal and definitely a reflection of all that Central Coast Pit Bulls says about the type of dogs they breed. He is great with our two year old daughter and all people in general! He is very smart and excels at all he does and learns, to include obedience training. We searched countless breeder's websites before finally finding Steve at Central Coast Pit Bulls, and thank God we did. The whole purchasing experience was very easy and painless. Steve answered any and all questions we had, and we can contact him even now with questions, and we always get an answer in a timely manner. When Smurf arrived at the airport in North Carolina he was in excellent condition and just the sweetest, biggest puppy we had ever seen. If you are looking for a pit bull with an amazing temperament, great size and structure, we definitely recommend Central Coast Pit Bulls! Thank you Steve, for giving us the opportunity to raise this great animal as part of our family!

The Braxton Family